Approved Home and Office Window Film Installer1000's of FREE job referrals to our Approved Installers
removes a customer acquisition cost installers usually pass on to customers
We are Australia's largest online supplier of USA made residential and commercial window films and are constantly looking for new ways to save our customers money and gain competitive advantage.
A majority of our customers want a professional film installer to install their film.
  • they don't want to risk a poor quality installation by an inexperienced installer or a trainee, and
  • they want clarity on what will happen if they have a problem with the film  installation.
Customers often ask us to recommend a "good" installer in their local area.
Over the past 10 years we have built up a list of trusted Independent Professional Window Film Installers in many areas of Australia.
  • We refer our customers to our Approved Film Installers at no cost to the installer - unlike hipages, serviceseeking, oneflare, groupon, Google Adwords and many others that charge for job leads - these charges get passed on to customers through higher installation rates
How to become an Approved Film Installer
Film installers that would like to be added to our list of Approved Film Installers must meet the following three requirements:
  1. have a minimum 10 years flat glass installation experience, and
  2. agree to replace any film they install that fails to meet the International Standard for Visual Quality 
The IWFA visual quality standard provides clarity to both customer and installer. Its a benchmark against which the quality of the installation can be assessed - protecting customers against shoddy workmanship and protecting installers against unreasonable expectations
    • experienced film installers can easily meet the standard.
  1. Display the Approved Installer logo (shown above) on their website homepage - perhaps placed in the footer with other commendations
Add ths code to load our Approved Installer  logo
<div><a href=""><img src="/images/Approved_Independent_Professional_Window_Film_Installer.webp" alt="Approved home and office window film installer" /></a></div>
Customer Payment on Job Completion
At Step 2 of WebQuote, our online job costing application, every customer who selects professional film installation, and enters the postcode for the job, is shown the Approved Installer for the postcode, together with the installer's film installation charges, as shown in the image.
 Australian Independent Window Film Installers Approved Installer
 The installation costs are used to calculate the total  installation cost for the job and shown in the WebQuote that is emailed to the customer.
  • when a customer places a film order, the film is pre-cut 20mm oversize in the manufacturers warehouse (1) and couriered direct to the customer ready for installation, and
  • the Approved film installer is emailed the customer contact and job details. The installer calls the customer to schedule the film instalation and is paid  by the customer on job completion - the installation amount payable to the installer is shown in the WebQuote.
Installation Charges
The Approved Film Installer sets the installation charges for the postcodes they wish to service. Different charges may be applied to each postcode. A postcode located further from base may have a call-out fee applied to cover increased travel time/cost.
(1) The exception is Suntek who do not provide a film pre-cutting service. Installers may choose not to install Suntek films.
(2) Installer Safety - Working at heights. Customers are asked to take a photo of any windows over 3 meters above floor level and windows above stairwells and attach these photos to a contact form describing the job. The contact form is forwarded to the Approved film installer who calls the customer to discuss the safe installation of the film and any additional equipment hire costs that will apply.
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Our film installers adhere to the International Standard for Visual Quality - if the installation is not up to this standard it is replaced at our cost

We believe you should know in advance what will happen if you're unhappy with the job 

If you are quoted a price that is less than our online price, we will not only beat the lower price by $50, we'll courier the film to you for FREE (see our conditions)

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