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We have window film performance and price comparison tables to help our customers identify the films offering the best value for money.
We also have a lowest price guarantee to ensure our customers will always receive the lowest price on the top USA made window films
  • we offer to beat by $50 (plus free freight) any quote that is lower than our online price on any of the 460 films we supply.
Katrina asked us to review a quote she received from another company under our lowest price guarantee.
(A company with a deceptively similar trading name to us)

The following email exchange with Katrina may alert customers to the possibility for dirty "tricks" in the industry. 

Hi Garry

Thank you for getting back to me. 

I will confidently now place my order with your company. 

Regards Katrina 

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Date: Fri., 30 Oct. 2020, 12:02 pm
To: 'katrina  (name withheld)' <katrina This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: RE: Tint Direct Quote

Hi Katrina

Thank you for the quote. I am happy to beat a lower price on the same film, however, I cannot assess if this is a competitive or uncompetitive price you have been offered.

Not only has TintDirect not identified the film manufacturer, it hasn’t even identified the film type nor an actual film so you can review the performance data for the film (important things like how much heat the film will block?, will it make your home feel dark? Will it make the windows look mirrored? Or make the glass appear dark? is not provided).

The performance data for a window film is so critical that governments in the US and Australia demand under consumer protection laws that window film performance data be independently tested and verified as true before the data is provided to consumers. Clearly, TintDirect cannot be held accountable for film performance claims when no film or manufacturer has been identified.

In the quote you received Tint Direct state they supply American manufactured films. The price quoted could be considered reasonable for a US made film but it would be considered significantly over priced if it is a Chinese made film. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell the difference between a US and Chinese made film based on visual appearance, so TintDirect customers must rely on trust alone – trust that the film is made in the US and trust that the film will perform as claimed. It is very unfortunate that fraudulent data has been provided to customers in the past, which is why governments now require independent testing of film performance claims.

It is also unfortunate that film substitution has occurred in the tinting industry and it is highly profitable to substitute a US made film with a Chinese made film. It can also be profitable to substitute a high priced US made film like 3M for a lower cost US made film. To give our customers confidence that they will receive the film they order we arrange shipment from the manufacturers' Australian warehouse direct to our customers, as evidenced by courier delivery dockets that acompany the film delivery, and thereby removing the possibility of substituing another film.

Since TintDirect claim to supply US made films which are widely recognised as being the best, it is baffling as to why TintDirect do not identify the films they supply. In contrast, we seek to benefit from a well known brands reputation, and go so far as to provide performance comparison tables of the different US made film brands so our customers can see for themselves which films offer the best value for money (quite frequently the highest priced film does not provide the best performance and our customers appreciate this advice).

While I do not suggest that TintDirect is doing anything wrong, it would be naive not to recognise the potential for customers to be misled under their business model which is similar to many others in the industry.

Kind regards
Garry Kline
Managing Director

IndustryLink Australia Pty Ltd,

Ph (07) 30402477 / 1300 658 503
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From: katrina <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Sent: Tuesday, 27 October 2020 12:29 PM
To: Tinting Direct <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Fw: Tint Direct Quote

Hello Garry. 

Forwarding through the competerors quote for u to look at from Tint Direct. 

Look forward to hearing back from you to see if u will accept this quote. 

Warm regards 


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From: Peter <[email protected] dot com dot au>
Date: Mon., 12 Oct. 2020, 8:06 am
To: katrina  (name withheld)' <katrina This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Re: Tint Direct Quote

Hello Peter, (Uhm   her name is Katrina - Peter is your name!)

Thank you for your enquiry.  Tint Direct is dedicated to offering quality American manufactured films at budget prices. Because of this our entire solar film range carries a lifetime residential warranty against bubbling, blistering and also delaminating.

From the details you have provided us, the estimated quote comes to.

Price including GST


OnlineQuote Discount  - 20%


Installation fee


Total Price Installed

$568.00   Inc GST

This price only applies to our online quoting system for a period of 14 days. There will be no additional fees should apply unless otherwise stated.

Commercial and Construction Customers & Sites - The above price does not include the provision of administration fees and labour rates to collate documents specific to your site or company including landlords. This includes items such, as but not limited to. Site / Company inductions, Swms generation requirements, Company specific forms etc. These requirements will be charged out at and hourly rate per form / per person and added to the quote amount upon invoicing.

With Tint Direct what you see is what you get!

  • We include installation in the price
  • We include GST in the price
  • The price is for our most popular range of solar film ( 4 choices )
  •  All our solar films are manufactured in the USA
  • We only install real architectural solar film
  •  We don’t charge extra for lifetime manufacturers warranty

IMPORTANT: This price is for American solar film which offers high heat rejection, good privacy and glare reduction.  This film contains a water activated dry adhesive which is specially designed for flat glass. Not the cheaper pressure sensitive adhesive (similar to sticky tape) designed for automotive the industry!  (THIS SHOULD BE BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION WHEN GETTING YOUR NEW WINDOW TINT).  Dry adhesive is much more stable and is designed to stand the test of time unlike the cheaper alternative.
For more info https://tintdire dot com dot au/home-window-tinting.

So where do you go from here? If like many others you have decided to go ahead with the quote, you can reply via email or call 1800766795 to organise a time. Our vehicles carry up to 1200m2 of window tint and we don’t pre-cut the film until we get onsite. This means one of our experienced technicians can help you pick the best film for the job.

Payment Terms: Tint Direct does not usually run accounts. Payment is required on the day of install. This is non negotiable for invoices under $300.00 and includes both private and commercial clients. If an exception is required for business customers Tint Direct must be notified prior to installation.

Payment Methods: Cash, Cheque, Credit Card ( we carry an eftpos machine on board our vehicles ) and Direct Deposit with printed bank receipt.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have. We are only too happy to answer them for you

Thank you for your valued enquiry

Peter Jenkinson

Tint Direct
  - www dot tintdirect dot com
PH: 0424 925 364
| [email protected] dot com dot au

On 10/9/2020 4:50 PM, Katrina wrote:

From: katrina  (name withheld)' <katrina This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>;
Subject: Tint Direct Quote  
Message Body:
name; Katrina (name withheld)
suburb; Brassall;
phone; +614
Just after a quote.
Product; Solar Window Tinting
Purpose; Heat Block
Ladder; No
Frame type; Aluminium
Colonial No
Removal No
850 x 1130
850 x 1130
850 x 1130
850 x 1130
850 x 1130
850 x 1130
590 x 590
400 x 1120
400 x 1120
400 x 1120
400 x 1120
400 x 530
400 x 530
400 x 530
400 x 530


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